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10k Training Plan (Kirsty Scott – Champion Swimmer/Triathlete)
(To open the training plan as a pdf – click here)
Hope all is going well with your training. Keep up the hard work and make it happen!
Let’s get on with week three of the training plan:

I am afraid that I can’t wave a Magic Wand to make you fit, strong and loose weight. However, statistics show that if you do something for 21 days you make it a habit, come on, just one week to go and your training plan will become a routine.

Week 3’s Plan – Lets Go….

Monday – Walk 30 mins at effort level 4
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Run 15 mins at effort level 6
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Run 10 mins at effort level 5. Walk 3 mins at effort level 2 to
4. Repeat once more
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Run 25 mins at effort level 5.

Remember to fit the plan into your daily lives, make the run days suit you.

Keep it up