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10k Training Plan (Kirsty Scott – Champion Swimmer/Triathlete)
(To open the training plan as a pdf – click here)
Hi All,

We are fast approaching the half way mark of our training plan and I
hope you are feeling fitter, stronger and happier for it!

Week 5’s training plan – which could be a struggle due to half term, but
think about your training days now and try and fit them all in. Can you
take the kids with you on bikes, can they run with you, think of a plan
and Give it a Try……………………

Monday – Run 20 mins at level 5
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Run 20 mins level 7
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Run 5 mins level 5 to 6
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Run 35 mins level 5

Good luck and please go away rain, bored of getting wet now!