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10k Training Plan (Kirsty Scott – Champion Swimmer/Triathlete)
(To open the training plan as a pdf – click here)
Hi All,

I hope you have had a lovely half term. Please remember to sign up your kids for the 2.5k, as well as gaining a sense of achievement they will also receive an Incurro goody bag for their efforts.

Now onto week 6’s training plan:

Monday – Walk 40 minutes at effort level 3 to 4
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Run 5 minutes at effort level 5. Run 1 minute effort level 8 to 9, walk 1 minute effort level 2, repeat 5 times
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Run 25 minutes effort level 5 to 6
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Run 40 minutes at effort level 5

Don’t give up now, think of how great you will feel, how many calories you will burn. Go on get out there and Give it a Try……………………….