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10k Training Plan (Kirsty Scott – Champion Swimmer/Triathlete)
(To open the training plan as a pdf – click here)
Working out at the correct levels will help you get fitter faster. Think of a scale 1 to 10 with 1 being stationary and 10 an arms pumping full out sprint.

  • level 2 is an easy walk, with 4 being pretty brisk.
  • Level 5 is an easy jog where you can chat at 6 you can still breath steadily
  • level 7 breathing is more of an effort, when you get to levels 8 and 9 talking isn’t an option.

Lets get down to detail:

Week 1
Monday – Walk 20 minutes (effort level 2 to 4)
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Run 5 mins (effort level 5), walk 3 minutes (effort 2)
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Run 7 mins (effort level 5), walk 2 mins (effort level 2) Repeat.
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Run 15 mins (effort level 5).

I know we all have busy lives, so you can change the days to suit you. Choose times and days that you can commit to, write it down and stick to it.

Good luck for this week’s training.