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Q: I have a son/daughter aged 16 who is keen to enter the 10k, can they enter?
A: Yes, they can, we are excepting entries for Juniors who are 16 or older on the day, Incurro believes we need to provide opportunities to get everyone active, so why wait till they are older, good habits start young.

Q: Will there will be kilometre markers on the course?
A: Yes we will have accurate kilometre markers on the course.
At each km there will also be a line sprayed on the route, plus the km number, e.g. 2k
On the nearest fixture (lamp post, telegraph pole) we have estate agent size boards with km markers, 2k, 3k etc. The boards are mostly placed on runners side of road, depending on nearest fixing point.

Q: Will the course be signposted, as there are several turns on the course?
A: Yes as well as the Kilometre markers on the course, there will be sign with arrows point the runners in the right direction and there will be markings (e.g. footprints) on the surface to help the runners, there will so be a lead cyclist for the fastest runners to follow and a sweeper will follow the end of the race.

Q: Will there be car-parking available?
A: Free parking is available nearby, plenty of spaces available- see the parking page. Arrive early to beat the Sunday morning shoppers. We would prefer it people could walk/cycle to the venue as this reduces the amount of traffic.

Q: Could you please tell me whether you will be accepting on-the-day entries for the 10k race
A: No, we expect to have filled our allocation by race day. The number of places is limited to ensure the smoother operation as our main focus is to have the best organisation possible, and get the races off on time.
If entries for the race approach our race limit, entries will be closed ahead of the planned deadline  and will be announced as such on the website home page.

Q: I was hoping to submit a late entry for the race via the Race Results website, but there doesn’t appear to be any way of doing so (as it has closed). What is the best way forward for a late entry…if I & a friend turn up on the day will we be able to register & if so what time should we come?
A: Unfortunately when we reach capacity we are unable to allocate any further race numbers. Please ensure you enter as early as possible to avoid disappointment. There will be no entry on the day for the race.

Q: Is there anywhere that I can leave my personal belongings whilst running the race?
A: You can leave personal belongings at a “Left luggage” facility that we will be operating in Laurel Park Pavilion. We will give you a card label, and you write your running number on it and tie to your rucksack/bag. When you come back from the race wearing your running number, we will match your bag and number and return your bag. It is not recommended that you leave valuables in your bag. You can get belts with a wallet attached to wear whilst running from most sports shops.

Q: Is there any where I can get changed/have a shower?
A: Yes, there will be Male and Female changing facilities available at the Laurel Park Pavilion and they having showing facilities attached.

Q: Do all runners receive a medal?
A: All runners who complete the course get a medal after the finish line.

Q: Can I raise money for a charity or my local school by completing the Race?
A: Yes you can, and it is a great idea and this year we have partnered up with Alexander Devine as our chosen charity, buy any money raised for charity is always a good thing, but any commitments made are the responsibility of the runner.

Q: Can I wear headphones and listen to music on my ipod or MP3 player whilst running?
A: No. It is not recommended that you run with headphones on because the race will be run along side and crossing live traffic and you may not be aware of this. Also you may not be able to hear any commands by the course marshals to warn you of dangers, or telling you to stop.

Q: What should I do if I lose my number/timing chip, or forget to bring it to the race?
A: If you lose your number/timing chip before race day e-mail as soon as possible to let us know. We will arrange for a replacement number for you to collect on the day at the Help Point.
If you forget your number and do not have time to go home and get it, just report to the Help Point and providing your entry is on record we will issue a new number. If you forget your timing chip, we will unfortunatly not be able to issue you with a new one, as they have to be ordered in advance, but we will endeavour to manually time your run.